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Las Vegas Main Office Phone Number:
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Seamless Flooring San Diego

Delivering Exceptional flooring at Exceptional Speed

Offering convenient ordering & installation in a flash. Your job is our #1 priority.
Call Our San Diego Office to Speak to a Rep: 858-257-2586
San Diego

Meet Our San Diego Team


Erin Brigs
OFFICE: 858-257-2586
CELL: 818-966-5149

Stossi Lenz
OFFICE: 858-257-2586
CELL: 858-723-1767


Jim Smith
OFFICE: 480-410-6114
CELL: 480-358-5561

Jennifer Valenzuela
OFFICE: 858-257-2586

David Pedroza
OFFICE: 858-257-2586
CELL: 858-243-6626


Casey Kinsley
OFFICE: 877-373-3858
CELL: 818-854-4910

Dave Nicely
OFFICE: 480-410-6114
CELL: 702-250-9578

Steve Halliday
OFFICE: 702-431-7900
CELL: 702-250-9576

Erik Kinsley
OFFICE: 858-257-2586
CELL: 858-585-6401

Luis Garcia
OFFICE: 858-257-2586
CELL: 818-621-7483

Tim Kirksey
OFFICE: 877-373-3858
CELL: 818-437-4674

Wendy Teves
OFFICE: 877-373-3585
CELL: 818-621-7395

Angela Gosnell
OFFICE: 702-431-7900
CELL: 702-468-1522

Quality Control

Darion Darrisaw
OFFICE: 858-257-2586

The Seamless Flooring Promise

Rapid Response Times

There’s no need to wait when you need flooring installed or damaged flooring replaced. We’ll do it the next day.

Speedy Fast Communication

Your rep is dedicated to providing an immediate response to your questions and getting back to you fast.

Streamlined Ordering Process

Placing an order from your online portal is simple. Manage everything in one place with no hassle.

Top Notch Customer Service

Our San Diego team is here to serve you with the highest level of customer service. It’s our core value.


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Join over 100 complexes that choose Seamless Flooring as their exclusive flooring vendor! Getting started is simple, and we’ll get you set up quickly so you can start ordering ASAP.
Call Our San Diego Office to Speak to a Rep: 858-257-2586

About Our San Diego Team!

The San Diego location is undergoing a transformative phase and is filled with untapped potential. Embracing a small-town vibe within the industry, it exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The introduction of new leadership has sparked excitement and instilled a sense of great potential for growth in this location. Much like the popular sitcom, Modern Family, the office is characterized by diverse personalities coming together to create a harmonious and supportive environment. With this fresh start, the San Diego location is poised for an exciting journey of growth and success.

Office Contact Information

Seamless Flooring - San Diego

Address: 9080 Activity Rd., Suite A San Diego, CA 92126
Phone number: 858-257-2586
Fax number: 858-257-2587
San Diego

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Call Our San Diego Office to Speak to a Rep: 858-257-2586

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