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Yes, a Confirmation Email can be sent to any of multiple emails, provided by the customer.

To locate your Rep, choose your location at the top. On the location page, you'll find your assigned Rep's contact info. If unsure, contact our main office for assistance.

8a.m to 5p.m, Monday thru Friday.

For most services there is no preparation required. At your initial consultation your provider will give you an individual plan and pre/post instructions for any service.

No, for any required alterations, contact your Seamless Flooring location.

When signed in to your account, Select Account, then Pricing.

Only if you ask Nicely.

Floor repair is minor, sub-floor repair is a more indepth cure for a bad substrate.

Inherently, Polyester is more stain-resistant, Nylon is more wear-resistant.

The floor can be treated with Kilz or an enzyme spray.

Typically, Glue Down is less expensive, easier to repair, and does not require trim pieces. Click Vinyl Plank can be installed over an imperfect floor, has a more realistic appearance, and requires no adhesives.

When signed into My Account, proceed to the My Account drop down, Invoices, and use the provided filters to search for a specific invoice.

Otherwise referred to as floor prep, floor repair makes the floor perfectly level, in order to facilitate a seamless installation.

Standard contractor law maintains one year.

Often referred to as the mil layer, this is the top protective layer, which provides protection against scratches, scuffs, sun-damage, or normal wear.

Sheet vinyl is less expensive, impervious to spills. LVP (Linoleum Vinyl Plank) has a more luxurious texture and can be easily repaired.

Try us and you will find out!

Unlike Seamless, manufacturers specify a warranty for the original resident, not multiple residents throughout the life of the product.