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Las Vegas Main Office Phone Number:
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At Seamless Flooring, we're always looking for more dedicated and enthusiastic individuals who are ready to roll up their sleeves and put in the effort. If you're someone who likes to work hard and enjoys building relationships, is deeply connected to your community, and brings a sense of fun to everything you do, you could be a perfect match for our team. Join us at Seamless Flooring and be a part of a dynamic, spirited workforce.

What Makes Up A Seamless Team?

Our team of dedicated installers make-up the foundational backbone of our entire organization. Day in and day out, our installation teams go above and beyond in being the smiling face of Seamless and the geniuses behind quality flooring projects. Because of this, being an Installer at Seamless Flooring means being a part of a fun, competitive, and strong family; that always rewards those for the hard work they do no matter what. Thinking about Joining the Family?
Seamless, as a brand, is more than the color orange and a splash of humor, it is the delivering of an installation that is up to Seamless quality. Our results are the centerpoint of our brand and core mission, providing value and satisfaction. As a specialist of Quality Control in Seamless, your job is making sure every installation is up-to-brand, clean, and ready for move-in. Thinking about Joining the Family?
Behind every order beholds the squad of skilled individuals that make up the Seamless Operations team. The Operations team is the lifeline between our customers and Seamless, committed to quality customer service, fast needs fulfillment, and completing the Seamless cycle. Members of the Seamless Operations team are introduced not only to a close-knit and happy family, but learn to facilitate the vibrancy and professionalism that Seamless is all about to their coworkers and our customers. Thinking about Joining the Family?
As Seamless’s spearhead, the creative and outspoken Sales team are our family’s first impression and the engineers behind a lasting relationship between Seamless and our customers. As a salesperson, your organizational skills, out-of-the-box thinking, and personable character are locked at ‘full-speed ahead’ as you work within a competitive, always-growing, and challenging environment. Our salespeople are the ambassadors of our culture both at the office and in the field. Thinking about Joining the Family?
The lifeblood of Seamless and the ultimate force behind Seamless’s speed is the committed and expert Warehousing team. As a member of the Warehouse team, you become a pivotal and in-motion part of the entire Seamless operation. Our warehousing team is built to be efficient and reliable at preparing supplies for installations, loading and unloading products, and taking ultimate care of the goods we provide and install for our customers for every single job. Chill and level-headed, every member of our Warehousing team knows how to work hard and play hard, making sure every job is ready for our Seamless-fast installations and that our installers have everything they need. Thinking about Joining the Family?

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