Las Vegas Main Office Phone Number:
Las Vegas Main Office Phone Number:
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Seamless Flooring Phoenix

Delivering Exceptional flooring at Exceptional Speed

Offering convenient ordering & installation in a flash. Your job is our #1 priority.
Call Our Phoenix Office to Speak to a Rep: 480-410-6114

Meet Our Phoenix Team


Heather Keytack
OFFICE: 480-410-6114
CELL: 480-789-9857

Jack Kohler
OFFICE: 480-410-6114
CELL: 480-698-7060

Joe Stoddard
OFFICE: 480-410-6114
CELL: 480-694-7938

Brian Kmetko
OFFICE: 480-410-6114
CELL: 602-904-0108

Nick Owen
OFFICE: 480-410-6114
CELL: 602-903-0242


Norma Pastrano
OFFICE: 480-410-6114 ext. 401
CELL: 480-789-9857

Nino Almeraz
OFFICE: 480-410-6114
CELL: 480-789-9857

Kollby Smith
OFFICE: 480-410-6114
CELL: 480-789-9857

Aden Stuhan
OFFICE: 480-410-6114
CELL: 480-789-9857

Mason Bryce
OFFICE: 480-410-6114
CELL: 480-789-9857

Jim Smith
OFFICE: 480-410-6114
CELL: 480-358-5561

Jack Simmons
OFFICE: 702-431-7900

Jeff Neugart
OFFICE: (480) 410-6114
CELL: (480) 204-4499


Dave Nicely
OFFICE: 480-410-6114
CELL: 702-250-9578

Casey Kinsley
OFFICE: 877-373-3858
CELL: 818-854-4910

Steve Halliday
OFFICE: 702-431-7900
CELL: 702-250-9576

Greg Bracey
OFFICE: 480-410-6114
CELL: 480-298-3548

Tim Kirksey
OFFICE: 877-373-3858
CELL: 818-437-4674

Wendy Teves
OFFICE: 877-373-3585
CELL: 818-621-7395

Angela Gosnell
OFFICE: 702-431-7900
CELL: 702-468-1522

Chris Jones
OFFICE: 702-431-7900
CELL: 480-489-1357

The Seamless Flooring Promise

Rapid Response Times

There’s no need to wait when you need flooring installed or damaged flooring replaced. We’ll do it the next day.

Speedy Fast Communication

Your rep is dedicated to providing an immediate response to your questions and getting back to you fast.

Streamlined Ordering Process

Placing an order from your online portal is simple. Manage everything in one place with no hassle.

Top Notch Customer Service

Our Phoenix team is here to serve you with the highest level of customer service. It’s our core value.


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Join over 100 complexes that choose Seamless Flooring as their exclusive flooring vendor! Getting started is simple, and we’ll get you set up quickly so you can start ordering ASAP.
Call Our Phoenix Office to Speak to a Rep: 480-410-6114

About Our Phoenix Team!

The Phoenix location is experiencing rapid and remarkable growth, with a thriving party-like atmosphere that energizes the workplace. Actively involved in trade shows and awards ceremonies, they celebrate their employees' achievements, fostering a culture of recognition and appreciation. The team is an all-star lineup, demonstrating exceptional talent and collaboration. Their strong presence in the community ensures seamless networking opportunities, as they have become well-known throughout town. Within just five years, the Phoenix location has achieved meteoric growth, establishing itself as a standout success story.

Office Contact Information

Seamless Flooring - Phoenix

Address: 2340 W. Broadway Rd., STE 102 Mesa, AZ 85202
Phone number: 480-410-6114
Fax number: 480-410-6149

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Call Our Phoenix Office to Speak to a Rep: 480-410-6114

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