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Las Vegas Main Office Phone Number:
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Seamless Flooring Important Updates Concerning the Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on our Business…

March 27, 2020

Will Seamless Flooring remain open during this pandemic?…

Q: Is Seamless Flooring allowed to operate under government ‘lockdown’ of non-essential business?

A: Yes, according to what we’ve researched.


Q: How is Seamless Flooring considered ‘essential’?

A: We participate in: construction, resident services, property management services, essential trades, and sanitation.


Q: Will Seamless Flooring be doing resident occupied installations?

A: No.  Only under extremely necessary situations will this be considered.  In those rare conditions, we will not touch furniture/belongings AND the resident must not be home.


Q: Are operations functioning normally at Seamless Flooring?

A: Somewhat.  We have constraints regarding loadout, accessing units, scheduling 1st am jobs, occupied installations, and limited staff in the office.

We can’t thank you enough for your loyal partnership through all this.  Seamless Flooring will remain open as long as legally possible, but please keep in mind we do not want to contribute the problem with this contagious disease.  Let’s all do our part to abide by the necessary precautions. 


Please have limited interactions with our installers/employees:

  • At least 6 ft distance from our installers/employees
  • Please have units unlocked, or keys ready at the front office for pickup
  • Instead of signing work orders, we can verify completion via email
  • Additional work can be authorized via text/email/phone


Thank You, The Seamless Family!