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Seamless Flooring Important Updates Concerning Resident Occupied Installations…

August 4, 2020

Will Seamless Flooring be doing resident occupied installations?

Yes. We at Seamless Flooring will be using EPA certified disinfectant for all work areas, and points of entry. We will also be required to use proper PPE during installations or repairs.

Also, a COVID Release Form will be required along with the usual Resident Occupied Release form.   A link to download the COVID-19 Release Form is provided below. 

To provide a clean and safe environment for the installers, we require following;

  • ALL furniture must be removed from areas of the floor to be replaced or repaired.
  • ALL valuables must be stored away or removed from the apartment or area of work.
  • ALL residents must vacate the unit 20 minutes prior to our arrival.
  • ALL pets must vacate the unit 20 minutes prior to our arrival.
  • Residents may NOT return to their unit during installation or repair.

Please have limited interactions with our installers/employees:

  • At least 6 ft distance from our installers/employees
  • Please have units unlocked, or keys ready at the front office for pickup
  • Instead of signing work orders, we can verify completion via email
  • Additional work can be authorized via text/email/phone

Thank You, The Seamless Family!

COVID Release Form